60% of marketers are committed to producing content on a regular basis. Are you?

Content marketing is the practice of distributing relevant and high quality content to attract a particular audience, and then converting them into long-term clients. It is the future of business as we know it.

It doesn’t matter if your product is cooler than sliced bread. You still need exceptional marketing to get it infront of people, and content is the perfect way to do so.

Paired with a solid lead generation funnel and SEO, content marketing will have users pouring into your site like people rushing into WalMart on Black Friday.

Today we are going to take a look at some successful examples of content marketing, and how you can replicate their success. Enjoy!

Virgin Mobile’s campaigned with Buzzfeed

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile was one of the initial mobile communication companies to use content marketing via social media. Their goal wasn’t just to use content for growing their brand equity, but also for providing enhanced customer service.

So, what did they do? Well, Virgin teamed up with Buzzfeed, an online media company, to create one of the most unique content marketing examples in the world. The collaboration team created a newsroom strategy that ran 24/7. They analyzed social conversations and created brand-relevant and interesting content in response to that. The content was marketing oriented, yet very much aligned to the pop culture.

At the time when the competitors of Virgin were geared more on campaigns for social reach, this company was focused on enhancing their social engagement. This was achieved by highlighting the experience of Virgin customers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

It gave a sense of importance to users, as they were directly engaging with the business and their voice was heard. The company also gave rewards to its followers on Twitter and Facebook for being apart of the campaign. This strategy is a fantastic example of building trust and relationships with your customers.

In fact, 78% of consumers believe that companies publishing custom content are building a relationship with them.

Content marketing stats

Main takeaways

The most important thing to take away from this content marketing example is that brands should focus on user engagement rather than more effort into gaining vanity metrics like followers on social media.

In the end, it is all about impressing your customers with your offers and services rather than fish baiting them into following the brand page. Investing your time and other resources in interacting with followers will definitely pay off in the long run.

Toshiba’s smart community

Toshiba homepage

Toshiba smashed the conservative beliefs of content marketing only being effective for B2C markets, as they were able to use it effectively in a B2B campaign. Toshiba started a “smart community” campaign in the year 2011; a campaign focused on renewable energy solutions offered by the company. The brand used their new group to promote renewable energy content, while making people aware of how they can make environmentally friendly choices.

This projected turned into a huge success by putting an emphasis on SEO techniques. The phrase “smart community” was one of many search terms that Toshiba targeted, for example. They also invested into scaling their off-site search engine tactics, which lead to a gain over 160,000 followers on Linkedin alone.

Recently, Toshiba once again came up with a master plan to promote the company. They have been educating customers on the Affordable-Care Act and other different medical issues by collaborating with a popular economist. This was a remarkable social awareness campaign and made Toshiba stand out among its competitors.

Main takeaways

The major takeaway from this case is that SEO techniques, when used wisely, can drastically boost the ROI of your content marketing plan. The first step is to use keyword research tools to find phrases you can center the campaign on. From there, you need to build exceptional content and execute backlink build campaigns. These include guest posting, broken link building, and general outreach.



IBM is a pioneer in the B2B and technology industries. With many different products and services, they needed a way to stand out and attract more customers. Also, the IBM is known to have a different strategy and a unique campaign every year. This is why they began investing into various forms of content marketing, as it helped them generate leads and increase brand awareness.

If there is one form of content that IBM has no shortage of, its educational content. Their accumulation of knowledge and expertise over the years was funneled into content that users could enjoy. This included blog posts and videos, but most importantly they focused on working with influencers.

Leslie Reiser, the director of digital marketing at IBM, said “We’re identifying the right influencers that align with our business priorities. Those priorities align with our product and service portfolio. For example, we have identified and nurtured relationships with bloggers who specifically focus on cloud computing, or business analytics, or data security in that mid-size business space.”

The company’s useful content has made it a leading authority today. It is a great example of how producing content can completely reshape how your business operates and is viewed. IBM has circulated high-quality educational videos to various sharing platforms, further propelling their reach, as well.

Main takeaways

Ensure that you take advantage of influencers in your industry to have them promote your content. Working together with related brands will place your content in front of a much larger audience. As a result, you gain referral traffic, leads, backlinks, and other benefits.

Secondly, not how IBM published various types of content, from videos to blog posts and guides. You should, too. Creating the same kind of content over and over can become boring for both you and your audience. To circumvent this, create a balance of different styles and formats of content. For example, you can write blog posts on certain days, but put together videos on others.

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator

Do you use Linkedin? Of course you do! It is the most used marketing channel in the B2B market, as you can see from this infographic.

Linkedin stats

The platform has emerged as an internationally-recognized website in such a short time span. It has become one of the top media networks in the world among professionals and business owners. Initially, the struggle was real for LinkedIn when its biggest competitor was Facebook.

Competing with a giant phenomenon like Facebook was not easy, but with some smart content marketing ideas, LinkedIn has grown exponentially in a little amount of time. But Linkedin didn’t go the standard route of producing blog posts, podcast episodes, or YouTube videos. They did something much, much different.

What do you ask?

Offering tools.

Creating software and giving them to your user base is essentially the final frontier of inbound and content marketing. There isn’t much better things you can give than that.

That isn’t to say that LinkedIn didn’t create many kinds of content forms like advertisements, articles, images, infographics, informational videos, and GIFs. These are the base of any solid content strategy, and need to be made, but the marketing wizards at LinkedIn wanted to do something special.

This is why they created tools like TeamLink and Sales Navigator for improving the productivity and lead gen efforts of its users. The company understands that heaps of marketers use the platform to find opportunities, and they aligned their new tool with that.

Want to know what the result of their campaign was? A 50% rise in how many leads converted to meetings!.

Main takeaways

The major takeaway from this content marketing case study is that offering useful tools can be one of the greatest things you implement into your content plan. What do your customers, clients, or users enjoy or want? This information should reflect the type of tool you make. For example, we’re in the middle of programming a headline generator app that will be free on the Google Play Store, as we focus on copywriting.

Wrapping up

Content marketing is essential for any modern business. It helps attract backlinks for SEO, higher levels of website traffic, and ultimately leads to growing a company quicker.

There are many things we can learn from the top performing companies that take advantage of producing content. The first of which is to put an emphasis on community and user engagement like Virgin Mobile did. This can be accomplished through social media engagement and giving customer’s a voice.

Secondly, businesses can tie their content marketing strategy to a cause like Toshiba did. Whether it’s about the environment or a social issue, consider how you can change the world and educate people on an important subject while marketing content.

You should also work with influeners in your industry to have your content promoted in front of a wider audience. It has to be mutually beneficial, so brainstorm ways you can help the partnering business grow at the same time.

Lastly, take a note from Linkedin and produce free tools that will attract users to your business.