Content marketing is here to stay.

More and more businesses are adopting the insanely powerful strategy of publishing content.

But, it’s nothing new.

Businesses like John Deere have been publishing content for over a century — like their Furrow magazine.

It helps form your business into an authority, while driving organic traffic and generating leads.

That’s why today we’re going to cover some very interesting content marketing statistics to inspire your marketing itch. Enjoy!

#1 – Long form content generates nine times more leads (Source)

You can’t get away posting short articles anymore these days. Readers will rip you apart, and frankly they just don’t provide enough value most of the time.

That’s why there’s been a huge boom in long form content. Articles in the 2,000 to 3,000 word range accomplish many things at once:

  1. They provide more resources and information
  2. They can include more steps, strategies, and tips
  3. You can rank for more keywords
  4. It’s an opportunity to show readers you really know your stuff

Perhaps most importantly, long form content will generate your business more leads. That’s one of the sole purposes of producing content to begin with, right?

So, next time you’re creating content, focus on achieving a higher word count. Take the time to map out the main points and sub-points, so you know what you’re writing ahead.

#2 – Consumers trust businesses that produce content (Source)

It makes sense. If you visit a businesses website and it’s more barren than the desert, it implies inactivity.

On the flipside, 95% of consumers trust a business that produces regular content. It shows that they care and are trying to genuinely improve the life of their audience.

Digging deeper into this, the key isn’t just to publish any form of kind, but more specifically hyper targeted content.

Imagine you land on a website, and it answers everything you’ve been asking and thinking about. You would probably revisit them more often and look at them in a good light.

That’s why you need to develop a buyers persona and only write content that tailors directly to that group. That way, you attract the highest quality users and please them 100%.

#3 – 9 out of 10 B2B buyers said content influenced their purchasing decision (Source)

Are you in the B2B space? Then you need to kick your ass into gear and start content marketing because nine out of ten of your customers are looking for it before they buy from you.

B2B normally entails lead generation, SEO, app development, and other related services. Why does content matter so much in these areas?

Simply because they are expensive and complex tasks, so customers want to ensure that they are getting a professional to do it for them.

Content services as an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, which will not go unnoticed.

#4 – Only 54% of marketers use content marketing for the “Delight” stage (Source)

So let me get something straight first. There are several stages of the buyers journey that a customer goes through before and after purchasing from you.

The first of which is awareness. The customer is aware they have a certain problem or question, and seek an answer. They will perform educational research, so publishing blog posts and tutorials will attract these individuals.

Secondly, customers move onto the consideration stage. They begin weighing their options, and understanding which approaches they could take to solve the problem. Case studies and whitepapers are known to help conversions here.

The customer then moves onto the decision stage. Here, as you could guess, they make a final purchasing decision. If you can offer a demo, free consultation, or some form of value that gets them very close to the point of sale, these users are easy to convert.

Lastly, which only 54% of marketers target, is the delight stage. The goal is to build loyalty and a relationship with your customer base. By continuing to produce interesting content and sharing it via social media, newsletter, or blog, you’re effectively keeping people in your funnel.

#5 – 71% of buyers do not like content that’s positioned like a sales pitch (Source)

People read content to learn new things, solve problems, and for entertainment. Not be bombarded with ads. They see enough of those every day.

There’s nothing wrong with having a small call to action at the end of your article, for example. However, you should avoid constantly mentioning your brand and products in every post.

Perhaps you’re an e-commerce company, and publishing a whitepaper on conversion rates over the last decade. You could briefly mention what you do and how you help businesses, but leave it at that. It relates to what you do, so it’s okay to intertwine your product a bit.

#6 – Marketers who use video marketing generate 66% more leads (Source)

Great videos are universally known as the hardest type of content to make. They require you to film, go through a vigorous editing process, and take heaps of skill to make look impressive.

However, the hard work pays off. You’re looking at generating up to 66% more leads compared to other formats. For example, I have a small YouTube channel that gets hundreds of views on a video max, and it’s landed me clients already.

#7 – 64% of marketers wish to learn how to create a better content strategy (Source)

How would you honestly rate your content marketing strategy out of ten? There’s several components that go into a content strategy, with the main ones being:

  1. Content schedule: How often are you posting, in what formats, and what buyer persona are you targeting?
  2. Repurposing: You should be taking your blog posts, and turning them into videos, infographics, slideshows, and other forms.
  3. Distribution: Share your content through social media, email marketing, SEO, and paid advertising campaigns.

Take the time to create a Google Doc that clearly lays out these things, among any other ideas and strategies that you can muster up. Follow it every day, and you will eventually start seeing results.