Do you know that content marketing generates up to three times more leads and costs 62% less than outbound marketing?

Yep, you read that right.

It will drive more sales, AND saves you money!

But, it’s not that easy.

You need to remain organized and measure your content strategy if you want to drive the  best results.

That’s why today we’ve compiled some of the best content marketing tools you can get your hands on.



Do you ever struggle with brainstorming topic ideas and finding ways to make unique angles?

Welcome to world of content marketing! Writers block is completely normal and practically expected. However, tools like Buzzsumo can help skip past this burden.

Buzzsumo provides a heap of features that make the content curation process easier than stealing candy from a baby. Here’s how.

Content insights

Type in any keyword and you will gain access to all of the most viral content for that search phrase. You can filter it by the most social shares to determine what users are interested in reading. This also allows you gain an understanding of what’s popular in any market, as well.

Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook shares are all displayed, as well.

Social links

Half of content marketing isn’t just writing content, but promoting it. That’s why you can use Buzzsumo to uncover backlinks pointing to any page or domain.

Use this information to craft a better backlink building strategy, and get an idea of where you competitors are building links from.

Find influencers quickly

Wouldn’t it be nice to contact influencers in your niche to share your content and make it go viral? Seeing as 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations for making purchases, you need to seriously consider adding it to your content strategy.

Buzzsumo influencers

Buzzsumo will connect you with the most relevant influencers in your industry to begin relationship building. You can follow them on social media right through the platform, speeding up the process.

Export everything

All of the data you come across in Buzzsumo can be conveniently exported via CSV. Take this information and plug it into other tools, or simply organize it for your team.

Alerts and reports

Set custom alerts to notify you of when competitors publish a well-performing piece of content, specific keywords are mentioned, or a certain amount of social shares are reached.

Buzzsumo reports

Buzzsumo not only has a great alert system, but in-depth reports on any topic, website, or piece of content. This will set you ahead of others in your niche, as you will know exactly what topics and keywords to hyper-target.



Evernote is HANDS DOWN one of the most useful tools we’ve come across in our content marketing journey. You need to seriously consider getting their free Chrome extension, which allows you to:

  • Take screenshots quickly
  • Apply arrows and different effects to images
  • Keep websites and clippings organized
  • More

Let’s look at some of the features that make this a top content marketing tool in 2019.

The web clipper

Save any page, PDF, image, or resource you come across with Evernote’s web clipper function.

This will conveniently store all of the information you will later need to write amazing content in one central location. No more messiness or that feeling of being cluttered!
Evernote web clipper

The web clipper also allows you to highlight important text or add annotations. This is useful if you want to remember certain pieces of content, or ensure that your team members do.


Evernote includes templates that will speed up the content creation process, and are made for a variety of purposes, such as:

  1. Creative writing
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales
  4. Management resources
  5. Meetings and conferences
  6. Project management

Evernote templates

Content is a small part of your business, so you’ll also greatly benefit from the templates for sales calls, briefing new employees, marketing plans, and scheduling social media.

Ever note is not just for content curation, but everything related to your business processes.

Team collaboration

A solid content marketing strategy requires a team of writers, editors, etc.

Evernote spaces

Evernote has the “Spaces” feature that allows you to effortlessly collab with your company. Share, edit, and collect resources to make the content creation process more streamlined. This also prevents you from needing to use several different tools when Evernote does it all at once.



Do you ever feel disorganized and have a heap of information to structure before creating a piece of content?

That’s completely normal.

Trello exists to take this pain away, and makes organizing projects of any type, but especially content, easy. Here’s how.


One of the main features of Trello are cards that you can set up and assign users to. Label these based on specific goals or assignments, and set due dates to ensure deadlines are met.

Add a checklist to each card, so assigned users know exactly what steps to take, and spend less time asking questions about the task.

Cards can also have attachments and comments, which allows your employees to communicate with one another comfortably.

A mobile app

As entrepreneurs, we’re not always glued to our laptop or desktop. We’re on our phones a lot of the time, too.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take your favorite tools on the go?

You’d be able to check in on your team and projects at any moments notice, and get peace of mind knowing great progress is being made.

This is why Trello features a mobile app for both iOS and Android, and your account syncs across all devices.

It’s free!

Did we mention that Trello is completely free? You won’t need to dish out a big monthly fee to use their service, so you’d be crazy not to try it out.



Bring all of your communication together with Slack. This well-rounded collaboration hub helps make projects and content get finished with less headaches.

Instead of going back to several people via email and phone call, Slack puts all of your communication in one central location. Here’s some of the features that makes this app stand out.

Create channels for every activity

Need a private channel to discuss content, SEO, sales, and other topics? No problem. Create a new channel in the click of a button, and stop using one mode like email to talk about everything.

Users can leave and join channels as needed, and the direct messaging system separates public conversions from private ones.

Slack channels


Slack is capable of integrating with a wide variety of other tools, such as Zendesk, Salesforce, and your own proprietor software.

This makes it even more powerful and efficient, as you can do more from one central location.

Video conferencing

Need to hop on a quick call or video chat to discuss your latest content marketing ideas? Great, because you can call team members on the fly with Slack, and it’s great for remote teams.

You can also share your screen if you need to show resources, ideas, or plans.



Let’s be serious. Visuals are a massive part of good content. From featured images to graphs and charts, these elements pack more information and entertainment value.

In fact, content with images tend to get more views.

Imagine reading a blog post, and it was just giant blocks of text with no visuals. That would suck!

That’s why you need to use Canva. It’s a free graphic design tool that you can use for creating cover photos, infographics, book covers, or anything you can think of.

These are some of the best parts of this tool.


Not the best designer in the world? No worries, because Canva has professional templates set up that you can use to save time and energy.

Canva templates

Click any of the premade templates, and customize it to your liking. You can change the icons, text, colors, and more as you wish.

Having access to this feature opens up plenty of opportunities in the world of content marketing. You can try inforgraphic marketing, promoting e-books, or other things you might have not in the past.

Unlimited customization

Whether you start from scratch or use a template, Canva has a huge amount of design items to help you piece together the perfect visuals. These include:

  • Grids
  • Photos
  • Graphs
  • Charts
  • Shapes
  • Lines
  • Cartoons
  • More

Graphics on Canva

Whatever you imagine, you can bring to life with all of the different design items found on their platform. This allows you to be creative and stand out from competitors with better visuals.

Wrapping up

Content marketing is a complex strategy and can take heaps of time to optimize.

That’s why you should try out one of the content marketing tools from our list today.

They will help you measure, organize, and propel your content strategy to new heights.