74.2% of businesses agree that content marketing has always lead to higher quality leads.

Why is that?

For many reasons that we’re going to touch on today.

Traditional methods like PPC, magazines, and tradeshows are great. However, you’d be crazy not to use content marketing in our digital world.

Ahead you’re going to learn the benefits of content marketing, and why it’s better than standard means of advertising.

It improves your SEO

One of the biggest content marketing benefits is that it will drastically improve your search engine performance.

Did you know that businesses that regularly blog get 434% more indexed pages on Google?

Yep, you read that right.

By continually publishing articles, you’re allowing search engines like Google to pick up on your activity and show it to the world.

And what does more search engine exposure mean?


Do you look at your site analytics and cringe because there’s no users?

You can kiss that goodbye when you start ramping up your content marketing.

Businesses that focus on PPC campaigns and other forms of advertising don’t get any benefit to their SEO.

Think about it — if you’re paying Google or Facebook to run ads and generate traffic, it isn’t helping search engines look at you as an authoritative website because you lack content and value.

Blog posts will ultimately drive a waterfall of organic traffic to your website, which brings us to our next point.

Generate more leads organically

When you produce valuable and relevant content, it’s going to attract leads to your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an e-commerce company, B2B agency, or affiliate marketing website. Every business model requires content, and it will bring customers to you passively.

Don’t you want to be able to kick back with your feet up while all of the clients come your way?

Sure you do.

A study that was performed by Kapost and Eloqua concluded that content marketing generates up to three times more leads than traditional advertising.

Content marketing ROI

In their words, “The rules of marketing have changed” and they couldn’t be any more correct.

Gone are the days where we needed to push intrusive ads down the throats of consumers to get their attention.

With the internet, review sites, social media, and unlimited resources at the touch of their fingertips, consumers are smarter than ever.

They know our tricks, and these old strategies are declining in performance. What do marketers like us need to do? Simply align with consumer behavior.

Follow along into our next point.

Content builds trust with your audience

Your goal with content isn’t to produce things that push your product or services.

News flash: No one cares!

Well, maybe they do. But, at first you have to prioritize providing as much value as possible through unique and helpful content.

You want think like a media company or publisher. That means content is the product.

It’s been proven that customers interpret company’s that produce content as looking out for them, and ultimately increases trust.

They will be more likely to contact you for services, or consider purchasing your products.

Do ads achieve that? Nope.

Look at CoSchedule’s model of building trust with customers. It’s not a coincidence that the root of is content.


Business assets

Once you stop paying for ads, your results dwindle like rain at the end of a storm.

You can’t say that with blog posts, podcasts, or videos.

These pieces of content will remain on the internet FOREVER.

That’s why they are real business assets. These items will continue to grow, drive traffic, and produce results for your business.

Traditional advertising is like a tank of gas. Once it hits empty, it’s over. Content marketing is more like skiing down a mountain; you go faster and faster with momentum over time.

Builds your brand awareness

You can’t sell your product without having it in front of an audience. Producing content on a regular basis helps you increase brand awareness in a few different ways.

Firstly, as we mentioned before, you’re going to receive more indexed pages on Google and more organic users will visit your website.

However, that’s only half of the battle. The second step to content marketing is distributing it.

If you don’t produce content, there’s not much else to distribute, right?

You should always be promoting your blog posts, videos, and other material through social media first. Use Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to begin.

Sharing material in groups is another effective strategy for amassing a larger reach.

Similarly, you need to repurpose content. That means to turn it into other forms. For example, you start with an article, but make it into a video, podcast, and e-book.

Repurpose content

This is an extremely efficient way to maximize every piece of content you publish.

Overall, you’re able to reach a much wider audience that you wouldn’t have otherwise if you didn’t take advantage of content marketing.

Become a thought-leader and authority

Look around at the competition. How many of them are producing content?

If it’s very few, that means you have an amazing opportunity to become a thought-leader in your industry.

Customers and experts will look at you as the go-to resource by creating valuable content.

On the flip side, if many of your competitors are using content marketing, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, either.

It allows you to analyze what’s working and what isn’t. You can scan their websites for keywords to target, and it enables your business to carve out its own niche.

Regular modes of advertising won’t make your brand appear more authoritative and dominant like this.

Final thoughts

The amount of content marketing benefits is incredible.

First of all, it’s going to beef up your SEO, so that you can rank highly in Google and amass plenty of traffic.

Similarly, it’s going to help bring in high quality users that can convert into paying customers. Users trust businesses that produce content more, as it shows that you care and are a knowledge company.

This also makes you appear as an authority in your niche. Other businesses will look up to you, and customers will be more trusting.

These pieces of content you produce will be on the internet forever reaping results. That’s why we call them assets, because that’s what they really are.

Ensure that you’re taking your repuposing material, as well. This further expands your reach and makes the content curation process as efficient as possible.

If you need content writing services, please contact us today and we can help grow your business through great copy.